18 April 2014

Shoes & Accessories Haul - Missguided, River Island, Primark & More

Hey everyone. Happy Good Friday! I hope you're all enjoying the long Easter weekend so far (which has only just started!). It's been really hot and sunny where I live so I thought why not pop down to my local beach at Sandbanks and take a few photos of the shoes and accessories that I've recently purchased. Here's what I got:

White Quilted Tassel Messenger Bag - River Island - £25.00 - Link

I have to admit I'm cheating with this one on every level. Firstly, I got this bag ages ago and secondly, I didn't buy it, I was given it as part payment for a job that I did. If you are a regular reader of my blog you can probably guess what job I was doing, but I can't actually write it here! (Scroll back on my posts if you are intrigued - I'll give you a hint - I work undercover in this role!). Anyway, every time I go to River Island I see that they still have this bag in stock, and I'm not surprised - it's brilliant. I've used it so much since I got it. You can use it as a smaller bag, or if you find you need it to be bigger you can unfold the zip fastening and load it up with your goods. I love it so much I just had to share it with you all. A guy friend of mine made me laugh when he recently asked me 'what an earth have you got in there? It's like a tardis!!'. So you get the idea - this bag is deep!

Necklace - £2.00 - Primark

I don't know what to say about this necklace really, other than I liked it, so I bought it! I think it looks good over the pastel jumpers that I recently purchased. If you've not seen them, have a look at my Pretty Pastel Shopping Haul here. 

Velma Shoe - Rocket Dog - £16.50 (was £32.99!) - Link

I needed to get some new pumps and was chuffed to bits when I found these monochrome starstitch shoes on the Rocket Dog website. I think the black bow on the front is really cute. I've not worn them much yet, but they feel really comfy when I put them on. When finding the link for these I noticed that Rocket Dog appear to have quite a big sale on, so I might be heading back over there in a bit! 

Gold Tone Pink Arm Aviators - River Island - £10.00 - Link

I've got a few pairs of sunglasses, but I never spend much on them because I'm someone that has, and probably will sit on them and break them. It doesn't hurt so much when they only cost £10.00. I think these will be perfect for holidays and those lazy days sat in the sunshine. The little case with flowers on comes with any sunglasses that you purchase from River Island.

Black Pumps - Me Too (TK Maxx) - £34.99

Whilst trying on about a million (okay slight exaggeration) pumps in TK Maxx recently I came across these. They're by a brand that I've never heard of, but they felt so soft and comfortable when I put them on I bought them straight away. I thought they would be good as smart casual wear, for days when I don't feel like wearing heels.

Chlobie Studded Clear Panel Bag In Nude - Missguided - £5.99 (was £14.99) - Link

Whilst cruising the Missguided website ages ago I came across this little gem, so I added it to my wishlist, and when I went back to buy it I was delighted to find it had been reduced. When it arrived it was a lot bigger than I expected. If you look at the picture of it in my collage in the first picture above you can see I put my iPhone inside so you can see exactly how big it is. This bag comes with a detachable chain strap and the matching purse that's inside. A bit of a bargain I think!

So that's everything for today. Have you made any purchases recently? Feel free to leave links to your posts in the comments box below.

17 April 2014

In the Spotlight - Catherine from Catherines Loves

It's that time again where I put another blogger in the spotlight and today's post is with Catherine from Catherines Loves. This blog is all about beauty and nails with the odd home and fashion posts. Catherine has been blogging for nearly three years now, but took a long break after getting pregnant and having her baby boy.

So without further ado let's find out which blogger inspires Catherine the most, where she likes to shop and what her favourite thing to do is when she's not blogging...

How did you get into blogging?
I loved looking at other blogs and loved make up and nail polish so thought I'd start my own.

What differentiates your blog from others?
Maybe the mixture of posts I do. If you like a blog with variety I feature nail art, make up, hauls, home etc.

What's the best thing about blogging?
I really like the blogging community. Most bloggers are really friendly and helpful. It's good being part of a community of people who get you and understand why you get excited about the latest releases etc.

What makes you click the follow button after discovering a new blog?
Firstly, a blog easy to navigate which looks easy on the eye, clear big pictures and if we have similar tastes that will always make me follow.

Which bloggers inspire you?
Oh tough one. Probably Kate from Ghostparties as she runs two sites, plus she does YouTube and they are all amazing. One dedicated talented lady.

What advice would you give to your just-started-blogging-self?
Don't worry what others think and blog about what you love.

Would you ever consider doing YouTube?
No, I wouldn't have the time, fitting in blogging with a baby is hard enough and I hate the way I sound recorded. I don't really watch many either I prefer to read blogs.

What's your favourite clothing label?
I love Primark, I can always find something I want and at the minute they have some amazing pieces in, I literally want to buy the whole store at the minute.

What's your favourite thing to do when you're not blogging?
At the minute it's being a mummy, my baby boy is 8 months old, and it's the best job in the world.

Do you go out without make-up on?
No, maybe to put the rubbish in the bin but I wouldn't go past the drive without any on. I need all the help I can get. It doesn't have to be a full face just enough to look presentable.

If you were restricted to three beauty products for the rest of your life, what would you choose and why?
Oh this is so tough I could name so many. At the minute I'm loving L'Oreal Nude Magique Eau Teint foundation. It gives a good natural looking base, Illamasqua Tremble blusher - I love this colour so much it's such a pretty pink, and a Revlon Lip Butter they look great and are really moisturising.

Tell us a good beauty tip!
Tame your eyebrows with clear mascara, it ensures your eyebrows stay put throughout the day.

I would like to thank Catherine for taking part in this months 'In the Spotlight', and if you're not already following her blog you can find it here.

Would you like to be part of this feature? If so e-mail me - carlysbeautyworld@gmail.com

14 April 2014

Do I Need an Eye Cream?

Many people ignore the need to moisturise the skin around their eyes, only considering it when they start noticing lines, dark circles or eye bags. Even then, some choose to use their face moisturiser on this area, not realising the damage that they could be causing to the skin. The answer to the question in the title is yes - you should be using an eye cream, everyone should. Today's post, as many of mine are, is based on some of the common questions that I was asked in my salon, and the answers that I would give based on my experience and knowledge. Please note - although I'm using the term 'eye cream', I'm talking about all products that are designed to moisturise the area of skin around the eyes, so that could be an eye cream or an eye gel, eye serum etc. As the skincare industry evolves, so do the constant stream of new eye skincare products. There are probably lots of new ones being invented as I write this! As always, I hope you find this post useful, and remember - prevention is always better than cure!

Why should I use eye cream?
Adequate moisture is necessary for all areas of the skin, and the skin around the eyes actually needs more moisturisation due to having fewer oil and water glands compared to the rest of the skin on the face. Using one will help to prevent lines and wrinkles (aka crows feet) that naturally occur because of our use of facial expressions. These days there are lots of different eye creams and gels on the market that can be used to combat other issues such as puffiness or dark circles, as well as moisturising the fragile skin in that area. 

When should I start using eye cream? 
Personally I don't think you are ever too young to start using eye cream. If I had a daughter I would encourage her to start using an eye cream around the age of 14, if not a little before. As I said previously, prevention is better than cure. Don't wait until you start noticing problems. You can't reverse any damage that is done, unless you're planning on having some risky, costly procedure done in the future.

How often should I use eye cream?
As part of your everyday skincare routine, so morning and night.

How much eye cream should I use?
The beauty of eye cream is that you only need to use a very small amount, a blob around the size of a grain of rice for each eye. This is one of the reasons I don't mind splashing out on eye cream because they seem to last forever!

Can't I just use my face moisturiser on the skin around my eyes?
The skin around the eye area is much thinner than the skin on the rest of your face, therefore using a face cream on this delicate skin will probably cause it to age twice as fast as putting nothing on at all. Eye creams are designed to be lightweight and perfect for eye skin. I'm always going on about this, but you really don't want to be putting anything on the skin around your eyes that's too heavy. I'm talking face creams, heavy concealers (the sort that are designed for spots and blemishes! - Be warned), and anything that is generally thicker than a good eye cream or gel. Heavy products will weigh down the skin causing the collagen to diminish, therefore leading to premature lines and wrinkles. Wasn't that what you were trying to avoid in the first place?

How do I know which eye cream to use?
First of all you need to identify your needs, then try and look out for certain ingredients that will help to fulfil or combat those needs. The following list might help you:
Promote collagen renewal (generally we all want to do this for strong skin!) - Peptides can help to promote collagen.
Prevent diminishing collagen (again, I'm sure we all want to do this) - Look for antioxidants.
Combat dark circles - Brighteners are great.
Reduce puffinessCaffeine can help by constricting blood vessels.

Where do I apply my eye cream?
Gently pat a few dots of your eye cream from the outer corner of each eye just below your tear duct and just under the brow bone, so that you have created a circle of dots. Rub it in using your ring fingertip (for a light touch), using inward motions (in other words, in the same direction that your eyebrow grows). Always be very careful with this area, and never pull, rub or tug at the skin. 

Should I apply my face moisturiser first, or my eye cream?
I always apply my eye cream first, that way I don't need to wash my hands to apply my face moisturiser. Remember, we're trying to avoid putting our face moisturiser on our eyes.

Do treatments that claim to temporarily remove lines around the eyes work?
Yes some do. I used to offer all sorts of treatments in the salon. My favourite one was a collagen mask which gave instant results that lasted around a week. You could really see the difference after one application, and if a client had one a week over a certain period of time the results were even better. This treatment was really popular and perfect for special occasions such as a wedding.

Today I would like to set you all a challenge. Firstly identify your personal needs for the skin around your eyes. Secondly check your eye cream, or if you don't have one, go out and get one that has ingredients to fulfil your individual needs. I would love to hear how you are all getting on with your eye creams. 

I would like to point out that you can find many answers to common skincare issues on my dedicated page here. I cover all sorts of dilemmas from how to establish a skincare routine to choosing your face products. 

So it's over to you guys now. Do you use an eye cream or is it something that you've overlooked? Also, do you know of any good ingredients in eye creams etc? I've obviously not listed them all as there are about a million! Let me know in the comments box below.

10 April 2014

Pretty Pastel Shopping Haul - SS14

I'm totally loving the spring/summer '14 pastel trend that has been showcased by many designers this year. As my wardrobe needs brightening up ready for summer I thought it was only right that I followed suit! I've been shopping online and on the high street, searching for pretty pastel tones such as candy pinks, mint greens, baby blues and sorbet lemons. I also ended up buying quite a few ivory items because I think they'll look great teamed up with pastels on a hot summery day. There's too much to feature all in one post but here's some of my favourite pieces that I've found so far:

Tara Dip Hem Slouchy Knit Jumpers - Aqua, Pink & Mint - boohoo.com - £15.00 - Link
I've fallen in love with these textured, slouchy fit jumpers, mainly because of the colours! I'm a real girly girl, so as you can probably imagine I really like the colour pink. Once I had one of these I ended up buying more in every colour. Am I the only one that does this?

Cardigans - Mint & Pink - Primark - £6.00
I always have loads of cardigans in my wardrobe because I find them great for layering up. As anyone that lives in the UK knows, we can never predict what our weather will be like from one minute to the next, even when it's meant to be summer! In the winter I have loads of long, chunky knit type cardigans, and then as we head into spring I swap them all for thinner, shorter versions. Great for wearing over cami tops.

Katie Baby Blush Boyfriend Jeans - boohoo.com - £20.00Link
These were too cute to resist, and as shown above I will be wearing them with high heels to give a slightly dressier look. They're quite a baggy style for me, as I'm used to wearing skinny jeans or leggings, but I'm going to embrace the 'boyfriend' look.  

Light Wash Lana Superskinny Jeans - River Island - £25.00 - Link
Skinny jeans are a staple in my wardrobe, and although these are not pastel coloured I'll be wearing my pastel jumpers with them, so I thought it was only right that I included them in this haul. Another item that I wouldn't mind one in each colour! 

Ankle Strap High Heels - Office (TK Maxx) - £19.99
Nail Polish - Barry M Silk Nails - £3.99 each - Link
I found these heels by Office in TK Maxx recently and thought they would be great with my new jeans as previously shown in my pictures above. I've been looking for some exactly the same in white but I've not been lucky enough to find any yet.

Bag - Primark - £9.00
Lastly is this bag which I'm chuffed to bits with and I think it will go well with any of my pastel outfits. It has a zip compartment inside, followed by a much smaller pocket with a zip and two open pockets and it's really well made. I didn't really need another bag but can a girl actually have too many? I think not! 

What do you think of the SS14 pastel trend? Do you love it as much as me? If you've recently posted a haul please leave your links in the comments box below as I love to read these type of posts. 

7 April 2014

Ciaté Dolls House Collection Review

If you're a regular reader of Carly's Beauty World you will know that I don't really like writing negative reviews, however it's really important to me that my readers can trust my opinion, therefore I pride myself on being 100% honest at all times. Today I'm going to be reviewing the Dolls House Collection by Ciaté, which I wasn't impressed with. Here's why...

I had heard so much hype about Ciaté nail polishes and when I saw this adorable Dolls House Collection in Selfridges I just had to have it. The set comes with 5 of the most gorgeous coloured nail polishes, all in miniature sizes. I decided not only to purchase one for myself, but also one for one of my lucky readers. I thought it would make the perfect prize in a giveaway.

When I finally got around to trying out these nail polishes I found them incredibly difficult to work with. I almost had to master a new technique just to apply them, and I remember thinking to myself that if I was having difficulty applying them (being a professional), how would someone with less experience get on? Anyway, after painting each nail a different colour I managed to get a good finish and sat back and admired how pretty they looked. Sadly the prettiness didn't last because about 4 hours after I had applied the polish it started to chip. I was so disappointed.

I went through all the reasons why the polish may have chipped, as us therapists do, (please see my nail polish troubleshooting tips here) but I couldn't come up with anything. My nails had the smoothest base to paint on with no breakage. I hadn't been doing any diy, cleaning, washing up etc. I went through every reason I could think of, but came up with nothing.

Since the first time I painted my nails with these polishes I have tried everything. Painting them without a base or top coat, only painting one layer, painting more than two layers. No matter what I do they always chip the same day that I apply them! I even tried painting them on my toe nails and they still chipped.

Since I bought these polishes a few months ago I've read other reviews by some of my favourite and very well known beauty bloggers, who posted what appeared to be a positive review with no pictures of them wearing the nail polish! I couldn't help but wonder if they had similar troubles with these polishes too!

Before writing this review I thought I better paint my nails with the polishes so that you can see what they look like, but actually I decided not to because it's just going to chip off again, and quite frankly it's driving me nuts!

My overall thoughts of the Ciaté Dolls House Collection are that I love the pretty packaging, the colours are amazing, as is the unique chalky finish - because it's different. If only the polish would stay on my finger nails then I might have been able to recommend them. It's a real shame because these were the first Ciaté polishes that I've tried. Should you wish to purchase this set it's available for £18.00 from Selfridges here

I've been informed that the winner of my Ciaté Dolls House Collection giveaway is going to be posting her own review so if she does I'll update this post with the link.

Have you tried these nail polishes? If so please leave your comments in the box below. I would also be interested to hear your thoughts about Ciaté nail polishes in general. Should I try out others by this brand?

31 March 2014

Turning Your Home Salon Into a Getaway

If you've been reading my blog for a while you probably know that my background is in the hair and beauty industry, and that I have previously set up two salons. Today's post focuses on a topic that is close to my heart, and will be useful to anyone that has, or would like to set up a salon from home. 

For most customers, going to a salon is a rare opportunity to relax and be pampered. It's a break from work,  from kids and the stresses of home. Maximising the feeling of relaxation for your clients will turn your home salon from just a business to a place that customers go to get away from it all, a mini vacation of sorts, and will keep them coming back again and again.

Having professional grade salon equipment in your home salon can really take it to the next level. Customers have come to expect nice equipment and having the things they are used to in an outside-the-home salon will make them more comfortable with coming into your home to be pampered.

You can find all sorts of professional salon equipment at The Salon Outlet. From UV sterilizers to towel warmers to portable shampoo bowls and makeup brush sets, you'll find everything you need to truly make your clients feel like they are being treated with extra care. Whether you have an in home nail salon, hair salon or do professional makeup, The Salon Outlet can get you started with all sorts of high quality equipment.

With your new equipment, you'll be able to show your clients just how much you care. There are also a few extra things you can do to go above and beyond with your customers. Greet customers at the door and follow them out, closing the door behind them. Make sure that any towels you use are warmed. Provide cool, bottled water for everyone who comes in, or better yet, something a little special like cucumber water or even a glass of wine. Customers in beauty salons are looking to be pampered, so make the women who come in feel like queens. They'll appreciate the service and will be back again and again!

Have you, or would you like to set up your own salon? Let me know in the comments box below.

*Sponsored Post

26 March 2014

Waxing Myths & Truths

Good afternoon. Today I thought I would share some of the myths and truths that were often the topic of conversation in my salon. The contents of this post is written based on my training and experience of waxing for many years. Every therapist has their own beliefs and ways of doing things so this is written purely based on my opinions and knowledge. 

Myth: Waxing makes the hair grow back thicker and darker
Removing hair with wax cannot change your hair colour and it certainly doesn't make more hair grow or hair grow back thicker. It lessens the amount of hair that grows (see the following fact). I believe that this myth has become muddled with the myth that shaving makes hair grow back thicker and darker. Shaving can make the hairs appear to grow back thicker and darker due to the hair being bluntly cut with the razor. Think about it - if every hair has a blunt end (rather than a fine point which is how a hair grows naturally), then the end of each hair will have a blunt circle of colour, therefore making each one appear thicker and darker. Imagine all the bald men that wish they had hair. If waxing made hair grow back thicker then they would probably all be waxing their heads!

Truth: Waxing lessens the amount of hair that grows
Waxing removes the hair from the root and the more it's done, the less chance the hair follicle has of developing a strong hair. Regrowth becomes softer, finer and as time goes on will become sparser. When a hair follicle is removed or sometimes damaged the hair can't grow back, and the more you wax hair, the more chance you have of this happening. That's why people that have regular waxing start to notice their hair growing less over time. This is very common in eyebrow hair. I think we all know people that have over-plucked their eyebrows in the past, to find that the hairs have never grown back. I've come across this so many times in my salons. (In case you are wondering - plucking has the same effect on hair as waxing, only waxing takes hair off in bulk).

Myth: It's normal for the wax to feel burning hot
My goodness, no! The wax needs to be fairly hot so that it can can be applied nice and thinly and achieve the desired result but it should not burn. Your therapist should always test the wax on their wrist before applying it to your skin, however, body temperature and tolerance levels vary from person to person so it's important that you tell them straight away if the wax is too hot. I had a couple of clients that couldn't take the wax very hot at all and I would always put a reminder next to their appointment so I would remember to turn my wax down ready for them.

Truth: Your skin might be red after waxing
It's perfectly normal for the skin to turn red and sometimes swell a little after waxing. Again, how much and how long it lasts varies from person to person. Some people don't experience either. Lucky devils.

Myth: Waxing is always painful
There are some people out there who don't find waxing painful at all. Trust me on this one, I have had clients who don't bat an eyelid, and have told me they find it painless. How painful a wax is depends on so many factors I couldn't write them all in one post, but some include the persons pain threshold, how thick the hair is, how much hair there is, menstrual cycle and medication. Also the skill of the therapist plays a massive part. I was lucky enough to be taught a unique way of waxing by my first employer, which we believe makes a significant difference.

Truth: You shouldn't sunbathe or use a tanning bed after waxing
Your skin will be extra sensitive after a waxing and will have a higher risk of burning, therefore it's best to avoid these for 24-48 hours after waxing, if not longer. I must admit, I'm not a great fan of sunbeds anyway because of the risks of using them. I've never been on one, and never will.

Myth: Your hairs need to be really long to be waxed
For me, if the wax can grab it, then I'll wax it, however I think every case is different. As a rule the hairs need to be around 1/4 inch - 1/2 inch for the best results. As a therapist I would always consider the clients circumstances e.g. if a client had a special occasion and desperately wanted a lip wax, but some hairs were a little short, I would still give them their wax after explaining the consequences.

Fact: A waxing therapist cuts hairs before waxing
Hairs are often cut with scissors before a wax because they are long and will be painful to wax. This is very common with bikini waxing.

Myth: Waxing always gives perfect results
Hair grows in stages and is never at the same stage so it sometimes takes up to 3 waxing treatments to get a good result. It's normal to find that hairs have come through earlier than expected with the first few waxes.

Truth: Ingrowth hairs can occur after waxing
Sometimes ingrown hairs occur after waxing because the skin thickens over the area where the hair was removed. To prevent ingrown hairs exfoliate with a gentle scrub a few days after waxing, and continue to do this once or twice a week. Also avoid touching the waxed area, excessive heat (such as very hot showers, saunas and hot tubs), exercise (this can cause sweating and chaffing), perfumed products, deodorant (I know this is a tricky one! Weigh it all up) and tight clothing that is irritating your skin for 24-48 hours after waxing.

Myth: You have to be naked to have a bikini wax
I guess it depends on where you go, but I have done the skimpiest of Brazillian waxes all with the clients knickers still left on. Sometimes there was a bit of blurring between a Hollywood and a Brazillian at my salon, but I was very accommodating like that!

Fact: It's better not to apply moisturiser before waxing
It's best not to apply any products before having a wax as they can create a barrier resulting in the wax not being able to stick to the skin. If you're going to a professional they will apply a pre-wax lotion and talcum powder before they give you your wax (or whatever pre wax product they use).

I've listed all the myths and facts that I can think of at the moment, but there are always more! If you have any questions please leave them in the comments box below.

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