14 December 2014

Time to Say Goodbye


The loss of a loved one is never easy, and this is something my family and I have been going through recently. My grandma was 93 when she passed away a few weeks ago. It was all very sad, but not completely unexpected. One day back in October a doctor advised that family members should visit her, because she didn't have long. I don't think they thought she would make it through the night, but well over a month later she was still fighting. A member of staff at her care home joked that she was holding on because my cousin was pregnant, and she wanted to meet her latest grandchild. Maybe that was true, and the amazing thing is she got her wish, if so.

In Grandma's memory I wanted to share a couple of photos with you all. The one on the left is a pic of her in the care home, with Winnie the Pooh, which was a gift from me. I had no idea how much joy that bear would give her when I made the purchase, but she thought it was lovely, and would keep saying so every now and again. The photo on the right brings back lots of memories, such as Grandma asking me about the darker streaks in my hair. She couldn't understand how they got there. She had dementia, and I think it totally confused her. She told me she wasn't that keen on them, but I wasn't offended at all, because she was so full of compliments every time I saw her. She was always telling me how pretty or nice I looked. Bless her. 

I don't want to make this post really long, because it's all still a bit raw, but as my aunty said to me the other day - it's good to keep Grandma's memory alive. As I write this I feel totally exhausted. It's been a crazy few weeks with one thing and another, and I apologise to you all, because I'm totally behind with my blogging. 

I would love to hear your thoughts, and whether you've been through a similar thing. I'm sure most of us have at some stage. Feel free to tell me about your happy memories.

2 December 2014

Christmas Giveaway #2

Christmas Giveaway

It's time to celebrate the festive season with my 2nd Christmas giveaway! The lucky winner will receive this gorgeous set of make-up brushes, kindly gifted by USpicy (link). I'm slightly jealous, because I secretly want these brushes for myself! I have the same ones in gold (you can read my review here), but how stunning are they in purple?

To enter this giveaway you must:
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Please note:
* This giveaway is open internationally *
* It will be open until midnight on Wednesday 31st December 2014 *
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Good luck!

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30 November 2014

Advertisers | November 2014

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope you're all having a fab time, whatever you're doing. Do you like my festive kitty in the pic above? I thought it was rather fitting, with it being the first day of December tomorrow. Finally, it's okay for us to put up our trees! Despite being on a bit of a spending ban (Ollie's idea, not mine), I've purchased a new 8ft Christmas tree this year, so I'm really excited about that. The only issue is, we're still renovating our kitchen, so it might be a few weeks before I get to assemble it. Anyway, onto today's subject... I'd like to introduce you all to my lovely November advertisers, so have a little gander, and please go and check them out....

Dream in Pink Blog

Hi everyone! I'm Jenny and I am 21 from South Wales. I have always had a huge passion for beauty, fashion and anything girly. I also have an unhealthy obsession with the colour pink. I have been reading beauty blogs for a few years now, and as I have just graduated from university and have some time on my hands I have decided to start my own. Dream In Pink is my recently started blog consisting of mainly beauty posts, with the occasional fashion and lifestyle post. Come and have a read. : )


Pure Accidental Beauty Blog
Hello Beauties! I'm Claudia and I am new to the world of blogging but have been looking at them for many years and I must say I LOVE them! I have been sharing beauty, fashion and food tips with friends and family for years. So.. Vawa-la, I now have my own blog to share it with you too! I try to show off my personality in my blogs and let you into my world of beauty, thoughts and lifestyle, and yes! It does include food! *Drolls* I hope this little snippet entices you to at least have a look and perhaps you'll like it! Love Claudia xx


If you would like to advertise with me in the coming months please e-mail me at carlysbeautyworld@gmail.com For more details, including prices take a look at my advertising page here. 

28 November 2014

Christmas Gift Wrap 2014

Christmas Gift Wrap

Christmas Wrapping Ideas
Brown Paper Gift Wrap Ideas
Christmas Gift Wrap Trends
Christmas Gift Wrap 2014
Yay! It's nearly Christmas, and with less than 4 weeks to go I've been getting all festive and wrapping up presents. This year I decided to put more effort into the presentation of my gifts, and have gone a little bit crafty. It's all about hearts, ribbons, and pinecones from my garden! Here's what I used:

Pixie Luxury Flat Wrap and Tag | £1.00 | Wilko | Link

Brown Wrapping Paper | £1.00 | Wilko | Link

Double Sided Sellotape | £1.35 | Wilko | Link

Berry Christmas Ribbon | £1.00 | Wilko | Link

Happy Christmas Gift Tags | £1.00 for 8 | Waitrose | Link

Red & White Ribbons | £3.50 | Waitrose | Link

Tartan Gift Wrap | £2.50 | Waitrose | Link

White Heart Tags | £1.49 for 12 | Ebay | Link

String | £2.40 (came with tags) | Ebay | Link

What do you guys think? Do you like what I've created here? Let me know your gift wrapping ideas in the comments box below!

27 November 2014

Rodial Dragon's Blood Eye Masks | Review

Rodial Dragon's Blood Eye Masks Review

Eye Masks
One question that would frequently pop up in the salon was, 'Have you got a quick fix solution for under my eyes?'. Fine lines, puffiness, and dark circles were all common issues, and faced with a special event, clients were desperate to eliminate them. Recently I was introduced to Dragon's Blood Eye Masks by Rodial*, and let me tell you - they have created something rather addictive here. So much so, I'm wearing them right now. They'll be on for about 20-30 mins, and I'll be left bright eyed and bushy tailed. It's just what I need in preparation for my night out with friends.

So you're probably wondering what these eye masks do, how they work, and are they really made out of dragon's blood? Well first thing's first, yes they do contain dragon's blood. That's the name of the sap from the Croton Lechleri tree, which was historically used for medicinal and healing purposes. It's this property that does all the magic, as it produces a 'second skin-like' film. Once the masks are applied directly under the eye areas, any redness and inflammation starts to reduce, and I've seen the proof! 

Whilst suffering with a temporary bout of skin redness, I decided to give the eye masks a go for the first time. I loved the feeling of them straight away - so refreshing and cooling. Another bonus is they make me completely relaxed! 
I have to say, the results were pretty impressive. The red areas had gone, and in their place was the most flawless skin, with no puffiness or dark circles in sight! If you would like to try them out for yourself, Rodial Dragon's Blood Eye Masks can be purchased here, for £39 for 8 sachets.

What do you think of Rodial products? Have you tried them before?

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20 November 2014

Save the Children Christmas Jumper Day

Save the Children Christmas Jumper Day

Image: Save the Children

Combine wearing your favourite Christmas jumper with donating to charity, and what do you get? Save the Children Christmas Jumper Day! I love it! On Friday 12th December hundreds of supporters all over the nation will be wearing a woolly and giving to Save the Children. As if that isn't wonderful enough, the government are actually doubling any money that we donate. The suggested amount to give is £2 if you're an adult and £1 if you're a child or in a school. I can't think of a better excuse to pull out my Home Alone themed top that wishes all you filthy animals out there a merry Christmas! If you haven't got a clue what I'm talking about, I suggest you Google it, or check out my Instagram....

If this is something you would like to take part in click here to sign up now!

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18 November 2014

Disney Christmas Gifts

Disney Christmas Gifts
I love how when you go on the Disney Store's website there's an 'adults' tab, which once clicked on, takes you to a whole array of kinda childish goodies. It makes it so much easier to justify wanting them. I was browsing the grown-ups section, so that makes it okay, right? Anyway, whatever. I love Disney, and as the festive season is now upon us I've created this lust list, based on things I've had my eye on for a while....

1 | Disney Classic Mickey Belgian Waffle Maker | Walmart | Link
Yes I would like to make waffles in the shape of Mickey Mouse. I'm not quite sure what the deal is with Disney waffle makers. I've been looking for one for ages, and I Googled it once to find that people were saying they don't exist anymore, and there are dodgy ones around. I don't really want a dodgy one, so I would be grateful if someone could enlighten me on this whole 'Disney Waffle Maker' fiasco!

2 |  Disney Parks Silver Bracelet by Chamilla | The Disney Store | Link
This sterling silver bracelet would make the perfect gift for any Disney lover to store their Chamilia charms on. I'm pretty sure you can buy the exact same bracelet from other websites, but today it's all about Disney, so that's where you will find my link goes, should you decide to click it!

3 | Bath Aquatics & Blushing Orange Hair Collection | The Disney Store | Link
Blushing Orange? That sounds amazing. You guys probably know what I'm like by now - a sucker for beauty products. Throw Disney into the mix, and it's a win-win as far as I'm concerned. Another thing - I love how this set comes with two full sized bottles, and two miniature versions. Super cute or what?

4 | Walt Disney The Biography | Amazon | Link
I've always loved Disney, especially Mickey Mouse, but it was only when I went to Disney World (read about it here) that I really started to think about what Walt had achieved. Seeing 'One Man's Dream' at Hollywood Studios almost made me well up, and I had to hide it from Ollie at the time! I think anyone that's been in there and loves Disney will get what I'm talking about. Anyhow, I would love to read this book and find out more.

5 | Walt Disney World Bead by Chamilia | The Disney Store | Link
For me, a Chamilia bracelet would not be complete without this charm. A representation of when my dream finally came true, and I made it to Disney World. I never want to forget it, and this would be the perfect memento.

6 | Disney Castle Necklace | The Disney Store | Link
This is a bit of a pricey one, and it's not likely that I'll ever own it, but if I was a rich girl and all that...

7 | Mickey Mouse Flatware Set | The Disney Store | Link
This 24 piece set has been causing me problems for a while. Whenever I see it I have an overwhelming urge to make the purchase. I feel as though rather than being something I would like, I actually NEED it! Spoilt brat alert! (Hey, before you judge, I have loads of justifications. It would be incredibly useful. Others could benefit too when they come over for dinner. I'm sure it would last for years, maybe forever! The list goes on).

8 | Mickey Mouse Head Chamilia Charm | The Disney Store | Link
If you've read the rest of this post, I'm sure you don't need me to explain this one, and start waffling on about how much I love Disney, and how much I love Mickey..... bla..... bla..... bla! Maybe someone needs to grow up! : )

What do you think of my Disney Wishlist? Is there anything you would like for yourself? Let me know in the comments box below!

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