30 August 2014

Setting up a Salon with The Princes Trust

The Princes Trust

In the past some people have asked me if I'm rich, or have rich parents when they found out that I've set up my own beauty salon. It couldn't be further from the truth. I can't really go into any personal details on here, after all, this is a beauty blog, and I'm not a great fan of digging up the past. What I can tell you, is that despite everything, I totally turned my life around, and it's all thanks to The Princes Trust.

I love the famous quote by Walt Disney "If you can dream it, you can do it", because it's so real for me. As a teenager I had the dream of setting up my own beauty salon, but I never thought it would become a reality. I've never been an overly confident person, but I think this is something I hide rather well. Despite suffering with anxiety issues, every now and again an opportunity becomes too good to miss, and I find that excitement takes over. This was certainly the case when I got involved with The Princes Trust. I think it was the first time in my life that I experienced a proper sense of achievement, and my confidence started to grow.

At the time I was overcoming what I call my 'path to destruction', where I was constantly partying and looking for escapism. I made a conscious decision to try and get back on track, and really make something of my life. I had successfully completed beauty school, and was working in a salon in Bournemouth. One day I was reading our local newspaper when I saw an advert for a salon to rent. There was something about it, and I was drawn in. I found myself calling the landlord and arranging a viewing! What was I doing? I didn't have any money! In my mind I had convinced myself that it would be good experience to go through the process. Of course once I had seen it, I really wanted to set up a business there. It was a lovely place with a hairdressers and a gift shop, and the beauty salon was at the back. The question was how on earth could I change my dream into reality with no money?

It was at this point that my brother introduced me to The Princes Trust, who offer support and funding to help young people to start their own businesses. I didn't hesitate to call them. I ended up presenting my business idea to a panel of judges, and let me tell you this - it was set up just like Dragons Den - but less scary! My idea was approved, and although it took a lot of hard work, my salon opened up within less than a month. I was 22 years old.

The Princes Trust gave me a loan, which I paid back over 3 years with a very low rate of interest. I was also given the most amazing mentor who helped me with my accounts and the business side of the salon. In 2005 I was nominated for The Princes Trust Enterprise Award in my local area, and although I didn't win, it's something that I'm really proud of. Just to be nominated was a real honour.

I can honestly say that The Princes Trust changed my life. They gave me the wings that I needed to fly, and my confidence has grown so much since the day I stood in front of their panel of judges. I think things have changed quite a lot since I applied, but one thing remains the same - The Princes Trust aims to change the lives of younger people. I wasn't an offender or ex-offender and I hadn't been in care or anything like that. I was just a girl with a dream and parents with no money.

Every day we make judgements, based on what we see and hear, but the truth is - things are not always what they seem. I feel incredibly lucky to have been given the opportunities that I have in my life since getting involved with The Princes Trust. I went on to set up another salon and graduated from university with a business and marketing degree. My salons were only little, but I think I've done alright since changing route from the path of destruction!

What Walt Disney said really was true. We may not all be clever enough to create Disney, but we can certainly try and make our dreams reality. Maybe you're someone, who like myself many years ago, thinks you could never make something of yourself. It could be confidence or money holding you back, but I'm living proof that things can change. If I can do it, so can you! I hope this post helps or inspires someone.

If you would like to know more about the wonderful work of The Princes Trust please click here.

What do you think of what I've written today? Do you know anyone that's set up a business with the help of The Princes Trust? I'm interested to hear your thoughts!

27 August 2014

Advertisers | August 2014

Flying Saucer Sweets

August has nearly come to an end, and thus it's time to share my amazing advertisers with you all. Whether it's beauty, Disney, travel, food or lifestyle posts that you love, there's something for everyone with these wonderful bloggers. Enjoy!

Hi I'm Belle from Part of Belle's World. My little area in the big internet world was set up to share a little about my life, somewhere for me to write about the fun and sometimes even the not so fun stuff of a happily ever after. As well as often writing about my biggest two addictions in life, Disney & beauty. I'd love if you stopped by for a little read and if you enjoy it then don't be afraid to give me a little follow, if you fancy saying hello then pop over to Twitter where I seem to spend most of my day!


Hi everyone! I'm Holly and I blog at Impatience is a Virtue. My blog is a mix of beauty and lifestyle with a little bit of crafting, baking and bargain hunting thrown in somewhere too. I live on the south coast of the UK with my husband and work full time in a hospital so blogging is currently a hobby. i try to post at least three times a week and am starting a YouTube channel very soon so pop over and say hi!

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The focus of My Pretty Obsessions is to provide good insight and tips on beauty products and make-up trends that can be accessible and achieved by the normal everyday girl. All content is written, swatched and photographed by Liz Outh, the beauty editor of this site. Liz resides in North Texas with her husband and toddler son. Liz has her A.A.S. in Business and in her free time she enjoys days with her family, shopping, reading, and networking.


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25 August 2014

Skin Types | Combination Skin

Combination Skin
Following my previous skincare posts: How to diagnose your skin typeChoosing skincare productsSkincare on a budgetMy skincare routine and Do I need an eye cream? I'm now writing a series of posts dedicated to several different skin types. If you're interested in learning more about your skin, and which products I recommend, stay tuned to my blog over the next few months. I'll be covering normal, dry, oily and combination. In addition, I'll also be covering sensitive skin, which I believe is a condition, rather than a type. Today I'm going to start with combination skin.

Combination skin is usually diagnosed as being oily in some places, and dry or balanced in others. The most common type of combination skin that I've treated has been oily on the forehead, nose or chin and dry or balanced (normal) on the other areas of the face. The oily areas often have enraged pores, and the dry or balanced areas will have much smaller pores.

Combination skin is down to genes, however sometimes external factors, such as products can cause the skin to temporarily become this type. An example would be where someone has stripped the moisture from their skin by using a product that is too harsh, and their skin has produced more sebum because it thinks it's having it's natural moisture taken away. If the skin was quite balanced to start with, the area on the t-zone might become quite oily and the skin on the cheeks and other areas might become dry. So it's now gone from being a normal/balanced skin type, to combination.

Product wise, it's incredibly difficult for me to recommend anything specific without looking at the skin under a magnifine light. In the salon I would write out a prescription for each client. What I can tell you, is that you need to use products that are especially for combination skin. If you're feeling clever, then you might be able to mix and match products by putting them on specific areas of the skin. I sometimes put a moisturiser for oily skin on the t-zone, and a moisturiser for dry skin on the cheeks. I recommend avoiding soap like the plague, because it has a very high pH, and will strip you're skin of it's natural moisture. This will make any oily areas worse, as your body produces more sebum to fight the loss.

Our skin changes throughout our lives due to many factors including age, the weather that we expose it to, the products we use, our lifestyles and all sorts of other factors. I always advise getting regular facials, where the skin type is diagnosed. That way you can be sure that you're using the correct skincare products, and treating whatever your skin is going through at the time. In years to come the benefits will become more obvious, and remember - prevention is always better than cure.

I have a combination skin type, which is why I've used a close up picture of my face for this post. I've tried loads of really good products that have worked for me, so please feel free to ask for specific recommendations or advice in the comments box below. 

Here are some of my favourite products, that suit my combination skin:

Cleansers etc:
Simple Refreshing Facial Wash Gel (very basic, but great for a pre-cleanse) 
Dermalogica Dermal Clay Cleanser
Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel
Monu Active Cleanser
Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser
Lush 9 To 5 Cleansing Lotion
Clarins Water Purify One-Step Cleanser

Simple Soothing Facial Toner
Dermalogical Multi-Active Toner
Monu Active Toner

Elemis Papaya Enzyme Skin Peel
Renu Radiant Skin Peel
G.M Collin Exfozyme

Monu Aromatic Masque

Monu Ampoules (for dry/sensitive, but work well with my combination skin!)
Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair

Dermalogica Active Moist
Monu Revitalising Moisturiser
No7 Beautiful Skin Day Cream for Normal/Oily Skin

Eye Creams:
Renu Lip and Eye Active Lift

Skin Kits:
(These are great for trying out products before investing in the full sized versions)
Dermalogica for Normal/Oily Skin
Decleor Purifying Discovery Kit
Monu Beauty Bag - Combination Skin

22 August 2014

NKD Vita Liberata SKN Tinted Tan Mousse Review

NKD Vita Liberata SKN Tinted Tan Mousse Review

NKD Vita Liberata SKN Tinted Tan Mousse Review
NKD Vita Liberata SKN Tinted Tan Mousse Review
I adore self tanning products, and recently I've discovered NKD Vita Liberata SKN Tinted Tan Mousse.* This product comes in two different shades - medium and dark, and I have the latter. Although I get a bit of a buzz out of trying out new products, I'm also a little apprehensive at times, especially when it comes to testing fake tan. Let's be honest, if the results are not quite what I had hoped for, I'm going to be stuck with them for a fair few days!

After applying NKD Vita Liberata SKN using the self tan mitt (as shown above), the first thing I noticed was how dark the colour guide was. This is good because it enabled me to anticipate what the results were likely to be like. As you probably know, the colour guide will show you if an area is going to come up darker, therefore you can use moisturiser to dilute it. However, I couldn't help but wonder how dark the final tan would be, and if it was going to look good. As I said previously, these are thoughts I usually get when trying out a new self tanning product. I left the tinted tan mousse on overnight, and it was probably on for 10-12 hours altogether. In the morning after washing the colour guide off, I was relieved to find that underneath I had been left with a perfect tan.

* Beauty Tip *
Exfoliate a couple of times a week to keep your tan looking in tip-top condition, and try to moisturise every day if possible. You'll find it lasts even longer.

Overall, I'm really impressed with this tanning mousse. It's easy to apply, it absorbs quite quickly and it lasts incredibly well. I would definitely purchase it in the darker colour, because I think the end result is very natural looking, and exactly the kind of tan I desire.

NKD Vita Liberata Tinted Tan Mousse (100ml) can be purchased from Superdrug for £14.95 here.

Are you a fan of self tanning products? Have you tried this brand before? Please let me know in the comments box below.

20 August 2014

Tag | Why I Write

Beauty BloggerA while ago I was cruising the Bloglovin home page, when the title of a post by Felicity from Pursuit of Felicity caught my eye. I started reading, and discovered the most interesting personal reflection, and was surprised to find out that Felicity had never actually really thought about why she writes a blog. That was, until someone had tagged her to create a post all about why she writes. I’m the total opposite, and my reasons have always been crystal clear.  When I got to the bottom of Felicity’s post I was pleased to see that she had tagged me to write something similar, and so, that’s exactly what I’m doing today. I hope you enjoy!

What am I working on?
I'm busy writing lots of beauty advice posts. In life we never stop learning, and of course the same goes for writing. I’m working on continuously learning, and I aspire to write well. My blog is for my readers, so whatever I'm creating will always be tailored to suit their needs. My aim is to be more informative, and to share my knowledge in a way that’s easy to understand. These are the key things I’m always working on.

How does my writing differ from others in my genre?
I differentiate my blog by writing beauty advice, rather than focusing solely on product reviews. I worked in the hair and beauty industry for a very long time, and over the years I’ve built up a fair bit of knowledge. I tend to write about whatever is in my head at the time, and before Carly’s Beauty world was created I had nowhere to channel it. In 2011 I gave up my little salon and had a career change. This blog is my way of keeping my hand in the hair and beauty industry. Instead of working in it, I now write about it. I think my writing is probably different to others because of my background, which is great because it means I can give advice to readers if they ask for it.

Why do I write what I do?
My main aim is to help others by sharing my knowledge. 
When I was in the salon I used to help others every day. I don’t want that to end, and that’s why I write what I do. As well as beauty advice I try to mix things up a bit by throwing the odd lifestyle post in. I think people like to get to know the person behind the blog, so it’s great to talk about other things such as my love of cooking, Disney, and what I’ve been up to. I also like to review products because it’s great way to keep my readers up to date with new releases. The most important thing though, is that I always remember that Carly’s Beauty World is about beauty advice. 

How does my writing process work?
I have a monthly blog planner which has a section for every day of the month. I plan my posts in advance and usually schedule them. The planner has a section for me to write my ideas down, which sometimes looks like a mind map, and sometimes a list. As I said previously, I usually write about what’s in my head, so my ideas are written on my planner as they come to me. Ollie once said to me – ‘are you not going to run out of things to write?’ The answer was simple - not likely, because I’ve lived and breathed this industry for such a long time that all these beauty related thoughts just go around and around my head. I need to do something with them!

Thanks for nominating me to write this post Felicity. I've nominated three of my favourite bloggers to share their reasons for writing. I would also like to tag you all to do this post because I find it a really interesting topic, so if you decide to take part please feel free to leave your links below, as I would love to have a read. I nominate:

1. Stacey from Beautiful Solutions
2. Jenny from Dream In Pink
3. Belle from Part of Belle's World

Do you write? If so, what are your reasons? Please leave your comments in the box below.

18 August 2014

Trouble Sleeping

Trouble Sleeping
Getting regular sleep is essential for our wellbeing, and a lack of it can lead to a multitude of other problems. Many years ago I found myself in a position where I just couldn't sleep. I guess you could say I had got myself in a bit of a pickle, worrying about everything and anything. It was probably the worst time of my life, and my inability to drift off each night was making me feel quite ill. Forget the idea of beauty sleep, because I was lucky if I got an hour or two, just enough to get me through the day!

Eventually I learnt lots of relaxation techniques, and as I started to sleep again, I gradually started to feel like my normal self. Thank goodness for that! Anyway, one of the techniques that I learnt was an absolute godsend, and I still use it sometimes. If you're someone that is suffering due to a lack of sleep, then I urge you to try this relaxation exercise out:

After you have made yourself comfortable in bed, and you think you're in your normal sleeping position, make a conscious effort to relax each area of your body. I start with my toes, by tensing them and then relaxing them, and moving them if they're not 100% comfortable. I work my way through every body part, until eventually I get to my head, and I even focus on my tongue.

When learning this technique I was surprised at how unrelaxed each body part was, due to me tensing up because of all of my worrying thoughts. Once my muscles were relaxed, I found myself drifting off to sleep. These days I usually only get half way up my body before I've fallen asleep. I think I had created a bit of a vicious circle, where my worrying thoughts made me tense my muscles, so I couldn't sleep. Then I would be thinking negative thoughts about the fact I wasn't sleeping, which inturn made me tense my muscles more! By forcing my body to relax, my mind would naturally calm down a little, allowing me to finally sleep!

Another thing that I used to notice was that anxiety would cause me to be breathless, so I often had to use a breathing technique in combination with the relaxation exercise. I used to breathe in through my nose slowly for 3 seconds, then breathe out slowly for 3 seconds.

Have you ever found yourself in a similar position, where you're struggling to sleep? Please leave any comments in the box below.

15 August 2014

In the Spotlight | Louise from LouisedoesLife

Blog Advertising

Good evening. Finally it's Friday! I hope you've all had a fab week. Today's 'In the Spotlight' features a lovely teen-blogger called Louise, who blogs about many different topics at Louise Does Life. Predominately she focuses on beauty, but also likes to write tag, food, music, TV and fashion posts etc. Louise has been blogging for the last eight months or so, but was previously Known as Louise Does Beauty. She changed her name so that she has the freedom to blog about whatever she wants. Today we find out why Louise isn't going to join the world of YouTube any time soon, where she likes to buy her clothes, and, why good beauty tips aren't always about applying products....

How did you get into blogging?
I've watched YouTube for the last three years and for about a year I've read blog posts on Bloglovin. I always wanted to start a YouTube account but never had the time or confidence, and blogging was a perfect compromise that I've grown to really love.

What differentiates your blog from others?
I blog about loads of different topics, meaning my blog gets very varied and random, and I just try to have fun with my blog.

What’s the best thing about blogging?
Reading other blogs and the sense of community and friendliness that makes you want to comment and ask questions. 

What makes you click the follow button after discovering a new blog?
What they blog about. I mostly read beauty blogs and if I'm interested in their posts then I will follow them.

Which bloggers inspire you?
What Olivia Did because of her amazing unique style and photography and Vanilla Craft Blog for her great photography and interesting and creative posts.

What advice would you give to your just-started-blogging-self?
Blog about what you want to blog about, it's your corner of the internet and you shouldn't be devoting time to something your not happy with. Also try to be consistent.
Would you ever consider doing YouTube?
Being a teenager, I wouldn't want to start a YouTube account as there always seems to be so much judging and bullying and I also don't have the time.

What’s your favourite clothing label?
I don't have a favourite clothing label. I buy things that I like and I'm not fussed about the brand, but a lot of my clothes come from Jack Wills, New Look, H&M and Primark.

What’s your favourite thing to do when you’re not blogging?
I spend most of my time doing school work with friends, ice-skating, going to the gym, sleeping or eating, but in my spare time I read, do art and go on Bloglovin, Instagram, Wattpad and YouTube.

Do you go out without make-up on?
Definitely, I'm not insecure about my looks, make-up is a fun thing and a way of expressing myself.

If you were restricted to three beauty products for the rest of your life, what would you choose and why?
Benefit Boing Concealer as it works amazing both under the eyes and on blemishes, Rimmel Stay Matte Powder as I have really oily skin and a mascara. I'm currently using The Body Shop Define and Lengthen Mascara.

Tell us a good beauty tip!
The best make-up you can wear is a smile! Cheesy I know but it really is true, you look so much better when you're smiling so find something to be positive about.

I would like to thank Louise for taking part in this months 'In the Spotlight'. If you're not already following her blog you can find it here. 

Would you like to be part of this feature? If so please e-mail me - carlysbeautyworld@gmail.com

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